The Magnettes – tech-rider, club setting

The band consists of 3 people. Unless otherwise stated, the performers are:
Sanna Kalla – lead vocals, percussion
Rebecka Digervall – lead vocals
Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström – MainStage Rig, floor tom, drum pads, electric guitar

If possible, the band wants 3 monitors on separate systems.

Channel list:
01 – 02: Laptop D.I. (backtracks + MainStage, 2 channels)
03 – 04: Drum Pad D.I. (2 channels)
05: Floor tom
06: Crash cymbal L
07: Crash cymbal R
08: Gtr Amp SC-L (Tomas/Rebecka)
09: Lead Vox 1 SC-L (Rebecka)
10: Lead Vox 2 SC-R (Sanna)

Backline request:
Two (2) Keyboard Stands (double-braced) OR one (1) 2-Tier Keyboard Stand
Three (3) Cymbal Stands (1 for drum pad, 2 for crash cymbals)
Two (2) Crash Cymbals
One (1) Floor Tom
One (1) Guitar Amp (Fender Twin or similar)
Two (2) Wireless Lead Vocal Microphones (back-up)
Five (5) Tall Microphone Stands
One (1) Short Microphone Stand (for guitar amp)
One (1) Microphone Clip (for floor tom) OR 1 suitable Microphone Stand
One (1) Microphone for OH (crash cymbal)
One (1) Microphone for Floor Tom
One (1) Microphone for Guitar Amp
Four (4) D.I.-boxes
+ XLR cords, power strips

The band may bring their own wireless microphones and vocal effect processors.

Stage plot as PDF

The info above as PDF:s so it can be sent to anyone who needs them.

Download pdf



If possible, the band wants their own dressing room, sized appropriately for up to six (6) people. The room should have tables and enough seating, good lighting, multiple mirrors, running water and easy access to restrooms.

The room must be difficult to access for anyone outside of the band, crew and venue personnel, and should preferably be locked whenever the band is not present.


Nine (9) bottles of still water
Nine (9) bottles or cans of diet soft drinks (pref. Coke Zero)
Hot water
Tea, lemon, ginger
One (1) bottle of red wine
One (1) bag of potato chips
One (1) bowl of mixed fruit
One (1) bowl of mixed nuts
Bread and crackers
One (1) box of butter or margarine
One (1) jar of crunchy peanut butter
Assorted cheeses, cucumbers and tomatoes

Six (6) towels
Coffee mugs, glasses etc.

The band expects a hot dinner served either at least three (3) hours before the show, or at least two (2) hours after the show.

PLEASE NOTE that the band members have the following food requirements:

Rebecka Digervall: pescetarian (vegetarian + fish)
Sanna Kalla: pescetarian  (vegetarian + fish)
Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström: pescetarian  (vegetarian + fish)


Contact – management:

Peter Åstedt +46733792937 /


Contact – tech/band:

Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström / +46 70 – 61 43 567

Sanna Kalla / +4673 – 809 53 74